Display Screens

In today’s environment, it is more important than ever to have the ability to deliver content remotely and in a variety of different formats. AOT offers state of the art audio-visual resources to meet a variety of corporate needs. Perhaps you want the ability to utilize a dynamic and interactive media interface for purposes of giving updates or making presentations? AOT audio-visual systems will allow you to do this and much more as you create content with your finger or using a touch pen. We can also provide you with the necessary technology to create a mobile/pop-up conference room, wherever it is convenient for you!

AOT can provide you with interactive boards and display screens that range from 20” up to 100” in size. Our screens include vivid colors and detailed images that are perfect for your preferred presentation format. In addition, you can connect with multiple devices and receive input from different users as you collaborate with your team to find solve problems and develop new services or products or to present to prospective clients. There are also different options for saving and storing your information. Full audio synchronization allows for pleasant end user experience. Finally, we can provide multi-site integration so that you can conference with your teams regardless of their physical location.

Example of audio visual page layout

Remote Work

AOT audio-visual solutions can help support remote work and work from home options for your business, keeping your workforce safe and healthy during these uncertain times. The ability to actually see and communicate with your team in real time will help everyone stay on top of projects and optimize the work experience while increasing your productivity and efficiency. A high quality audio-visual system is necessary for this type of environment. Contact AOT today to see what we can do for you in the field of workplace communication.