Document Management

Paper documents are a losing proposition in today’s environment. They can easily be lost or destroyed and as the number of files accumulate, they require more and more storage space leading to waste and negative environmental impacts. AOT can give your business a better way to handle these files with a centralized digital management system. Let us work with you to streamline and automate your document storage and retention needs.

AOT’s powerful solutions give the ability to scan and capture documents anywhere at any time. These documents can then be retrieved from whatever device you are using whether it is a desktop, laptop, or mobile product.

Other Features

AOT will work with your company to convert back files into digital content and to provide a full enterprise level content management system. We are certain you will be impressed by how efficient and productive your workplace is once you have a handle on your document management needs. Cost recovery is another feature of our products allowing you to track invoices and see if a client is past due in paying their bills. Our system also includes app workflow integration, allowing you to use an app to manage your document needs in a way that works best for you. The features in our document management system allow you to manipulate and make annotations to documents on an as needed basis. For example, adding a note to a document about a conversation you had with a client on a specific date.


Unfortunately, the world of today abounds with data thieves and hackers of all stripes. Individuals and criminal organizations who will attempt to steal your data for their own nefarious purposes. AOT takes document security very seriously. We will provide you with the highest levels of access control to restrict the ability of outside entities to steal your data. Our personalized support will give you the confidence you need to rest easy knowing that your data is as safe as it is possible to make it. Contact us today to see what AOT can do for your document security needs.